How to submit your photography series?

1. Always submit a body of work (6 – 12 photos), not individual images from here and there. Photos should have titles, at least “Untitled #1“, “Untitled #2” as their file name.

2. Longest side of the photo should be 1500 pixels, dpi 100.

3. Always upload your submission to a cloud folder, for example in Dropbox or Drive, and email us the link to your folder, do not attach any files to the email itself.

4. Include an Artist’s Statement text (in .pdf format) with 700 – 1200 words about the project. The project should have a Title.

5. Include an Artist Bio text (in .pdf format) with your full name, year of birth, nationality, current location (city & country) and a few sentences about yourself, how would you describe yourself as a photographer. You can also add your links to your website and Instagram and so forth.

6. Include your CV. (Optional)

7. Upload everything to a cloud, and send us a link at

If we like your work, we’ll contact you.

This is all free of charge.